Victory Vitamin Infusion from The Spa at The Victory Club

Your experience starts with a luxurious, loosening massage with warmed avocado oil. Avocado is rich in vitamins A and E, as well as the “youth mineral” potassium, making it the top choice for anti-aging skincare. We follow with a vitamin-rich, gently astringent body buff of powdered strawberries and hibiscus flowers, dusted onto the skin. This fruit and floral gommage polishes, tones and refreshes the complexion before being removed with warm, moist towels to prepare for a deeply hydrating application of cocoa shea butter cream.

90 minutes - $140.00

Coconut Kukui Body Scrub & Hair Treatment from Kukui’ula Spa

Coconut oil is known for its healing and nourishing qualities both inside and out. In this treatment your skin is delicately polished and conditioned with ground coconut shell- drenched in healing jojoba oil, and scented with organic coconut, sandalwood and vanilla essential oils. The beautiful, satin-soft finish of your skin is enhanced with a hydrating application of virgin coconut oil. To conclude enjoy a delicious Coconut & Kukui hot oil hair & scalp treatment.

90 minutes - $130.00

Chakra Healing Massage from Silverleaf Spa

In this beautiful full body massage, seven fragrant and powerful oils mirror the vibrations of the seven chakras, bringing balance to body and mind. As each chakra is bathed in organic essential oils, we massage you with strokes that reflect its energy quality. You will begin by intuitively choosing a chakra stone to indicate where focus or intention lies. The result is a renewed feeling of equilibrium, relaxation and aliveness.

90 minutes - $140.00

Mountain Poultice from Martis Camp Spa

This treatment starts with gentle body brushing to exfoliate the skin, and enhance lymphatic and peripheral circulation. A long luxurious massage featuring warm wild lavender relaxes deeply. Cotton poultices are heated and filled with fragrant desert herbs, then pressed along the energy pathway of the body. Muscles are coaxed into relaxation through the combination of hot presses and stretching, restoring balance and renewed energy.

90 minutes - $140.00