Massage Therapy


The Spa at Victory Club provides a holistic, healing experience, with an array of proven therapies to help you maintain vitality and promote longevity. The focus is health and wellness, positive aging, vibrancy, and quality of life. Whether you’re seeking a massage for preventative or restorative benefits, our massage therapists use an integrated and intuitive approach during your session to guide you through your journey of healthful transformation.

Victory members receive a 10% discount on all spa services.

The Victory Way Massage

Designed to relax and restore balance to the body and provide framework for future sessions. Your therapist will use a combination of massage techniques and modalities to create an experience customized to your needs and preferences.

60 minutes - $95.00

90 minutes - $140.00

120 minutes - $190.00

White Tank Hot Stone Massage

Hot volcanic stones combined with our signature oils create a synergy of purification and energy flow. Muscles are eased and inflammation reduced. Heat allows the melting of aches and pains, soothing discomfort and stagnation. Using massage techniques and our signature oil blend creates a relaxing and grounding experience.

90 minutes - $165.00

Rapid Reboot

Therapeutic massage, combines deep tissue work, classic stretches and compressions to restore mobility, vitality and body comfort. Body work is enhanced with an oil blend to ease chronic muscle tension and stimulate soft tissue repair.

60 minutes - $100.00

90 minutes - $145.00

120 minutes - $200.00

Soul to Soul Couples Massage

Share the experience of a relaxing massage with your loved one or friend. Both of you will receive our Victory Way Massage at the same time in the same room with two of our professional massage therapists. Surprise your loved one or friend on their birthday, anniversary or special occasion.

60 minutes - $190.00

90 minutes - $280.00

120 minutes - $380.00

Mom-to-Be Massage

This tailor made massage is designed to relieve tension and uplift the mother-to-be. Typically enjoyed during second and third trimester.

60 minutes - $95.00

90 minutes - $140.00

Focus Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders. Great for concentrated tension release.

30 minutes - $50.00

Scent Therapy

Further enhance your massage with organic botanicals from our aromatherapy bar. Your therapist will use techniques attuned to support the results you want.

60 minutes - $100.00

90 minutes - $145.00

Foot Reflexology Add-on

This enhancement provides relaxation through traditional reflexology massage therapy techniques. Reflexology delivers pressure to specific points on the soles of the feet and sends energy throughout the body.

15 minutes - $20.00

30 minutes - $40.00

Hand Massage Add-on

15 minutes - $20.00

Scalp Treatment Add-on

Designed to relax the mind and encourage circulation. Warm oil is massaged throughout the scalp, working to relax tight muscles in the temple and neck regions. This wonderful scalp and hair treatment contains oils that are cleansing, nourishing and strengthening for the scalp, follicles, and the hair shaft.

15 minutes - $20.00

Exfoliating Foot Scrub Add-on

Tired feet and legs find relief with our reviving foot scrub. The therapist will start by applying the scrub for maximum hydration and exfoliation to the feet. Next they will wrap your feet with warm towels to allow the muscle tissue to soften and pores to open. Once the scrub is removed, the therapist will follow up with a foot massage.

15 minutes - $20.00

Meditation Massage

Incorporating essential oils, sound healing, positive affirmations and chakra crystals, this upper body massage lures you into a meditative state to promote mental clarity, emotional healing and rejuvination.

Price varies